The second Seine Assembly

On October the 6th, our second Seine Assembly was held! Becoming a member of the Assembly means to take part in our candidacy, as well as for the concretization of our Capital year.

The Heritage holds a central place in our approach, focusing on what will be left beyond our Capital year and our candidacy; not a new equipment nor a flamboyant event, but new modalities, soberer, to act as a society and apprehend the future. That implies new ways of creating events.

That is why we created a Seine Assembly, a space of dialogue, cooperation, co-construction. We believe that beyond the artistic momentum, that will be the cooperative practices that will build the strongest legacy to future generations.

The Seine Assembly is the corner stone of the civil society participation to the Capital, from the project conception to its follow-up and its evaluation. It is constituted of any person willing to participate in the development of our candidacy.

This new Seine Assembly was the opportunity to learn about Cultural rights and to imagine prototypes of the firsts High Tides. More than a hundred person took part in this assembly and created together projects that tomorrow, will be the strength of our Capital.

Designed around a major Transfiguration of our bid, (Re)Sources, which highlights the works of artists making dialoguing with the Living the very core of their art; between interpellations on our own contradictions and inspirations for new coalitions: it is an attempt to exceed the oppositions between science and fiction, poesy and exactness. These projects gaze into the ground, this soil which holds us, anchors us, feeds us. Which dresses us, heals us, filters water through a long underground journey, stocking carbon. This earth holding our history in its sediments.

It comes as naturally that we organized this new edition of the Seine Assembly at the Champs des Possibles (Fields of the feasible). Inspired by principles of the permaculture, it is a place of vegetable growth, activities, and animations. Here, we experiment urban agriculture with a citizen vegetable garden, a greenhouse dedicated to growing biological plants, cereal fields, and orchard of unusual trees, wild and medicinal plants. To discover this unique place, please go to their website :

This second Seine Assembly took place as follow:

6pm: Presentation of the Champs des Possibles

6:05: General introduction of our project

6:10: Presentation of the Cultural rights

6:55: Repartition in groups

7pm: Diner time

7:05: Rebecca Armstrong presents (Re)Sources, the third act and the High tide “Where garden reveal the fantastic they host”.

7:10: The participative workshop begins

7:50: Project restitution by the different groups

Wanna join? Find all the information here

© Photogaphy : Jean-Pierre Sageot