The Rouen Armada signed an agreement to support to the Rouen 2028 candidacy!

The Armada de la Liberté association is the newest supporter of Rouen Seine Normande’s candidacy. Both signed an agreement on September 1st, 2022.

The Armada de la Liberté association, which is hosting the 2023 Rouen Armada, is the newest supporter of Rouen Seine Normande’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture. This support takes the form of an agreement that was signed on September 1, 2022 by Jean-Paul Rivière, President of the Armada, and Marie Dupuis Courtes, President of Rouen Seine Normande 2028.

“By holding the world’s biggest free gathering of sailing ships, which we’ve done every four or five years since 1989, the Armada demonstrates how a region’s inhabitants can join forces to support the maritime culture. This is a people’s event, a festive cultural happening that serves as a wonderful example from which Rouen Seine Normande 2028, European Capital of Culture, can learn a great deal”, enthuses Marie Dupuis-Courtes, president of the organisation that is putting forth the bid.

“Rouen European Capital of Culture 2028 is an initiative that brings people together and we share many concerns between us,” explains Jean-Paul Rivière. “From the future of the Seine to making cultural experiences available to everyone, we have a great deal in common and it’s the most natural thing in the world for the Armada to support this bid. We’re delighted to have a chance to contribute to its success.”

The agreement signed between the Armada and Rouen Seine Normande 2028 is based on the shared interests of the two organisations, especially in terms of transforming the region through culture and tourism and bettering the Seine Normande valley, as well as the common values of caring for the environment and making culture more available to all.

The Armada de la Liberté is therefore supporting the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 bid and the two associations have agreed to cooperate in helping promote the Seine Normande valley and the surrounding region on a national and European scale, both in the context of the European Capital of Culture bid and more broadly in terms of territorial development.

Here are some of the ways in which the Armada de la Liberté and Rouen Seine Normande 2028 will now be able to work together:

• Pool their documentary and scientific resources, as well as their human and technical resources

• Co-produce/co-host all types of topic-specific gatherings, speakers, workshops, public meetings, publications, etc., conducive to achieving these shared objectives

• Share their means of communication