Rouen Seine Normande 2028 signs a MoU with the Mouvement Européen 76

On the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May 2023, the association that is bidding Rouen and the Normandy Seine Valley for the title of European Capital of Culture has signed a memorandum with the European Movement.

Rouen Seine Normande 2028 and the European Movement have common objectives in terms of promoting Europe, citizen mobilization, regional development, dialogue with European institutions and cultural and educational exchanges.

The memorandum signed on 9 May 2023 provides that the European Movement and the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 association collaborate to promote European values to the general public through awareness campaigns, public events, joint publications or educational activities.

The two organisations will work together to encourage citizen participation and civic engagement, particularly on European and local issues. This could involve mobilization campaigns, trainings, workshops and participatory events.

The Rouen Seine Normande 2028 association will benefit from the European Movement’s expertise in financing and regional development. The two organisations will work together to identify economic and social development projects that could be supported by European programmes.

The European Movement will facilitate for the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 association the establishment of links with the European institutions and to promote local interests at European level. This could involve meetings with European representatives, visits to Brussels, or advocacy for local projects with European authorities. We will promote the “Promoting Europe with local elected representatives” scheme.

The two organizations will collaborate to facilitate cultural and educational exchanges between the Rouen Seine Normandy 2028 bid territory and other European countries. This will involve youth exchanges, informal education programmes, or joint cultural events.

Le Mouvement européen

Le Mouvement Européen– France has been mobilising since 1950, through all generations, to animate the public debate on Europe. It deploys its activities around pedagogy, the organisation of debate between citizens and the formulation of proposals to build Europe.

It brings together thousands of volunteers gathered in more than 50 local chapters, thirty member organizations and a college of qualified personalities. Heir to the spirit of Europe’s founding fathers, the Movement is the leading civil society actor in France on European issues.

Photo :  Philippe Thillay, Mouvement européen de Seine-Maritime, et Marie Dupuis-Courtes, président of Rouen Seine Normande 2028