The Dragons de Rouen ice hockey team supports Rouen 2028

On December 6, 2022, at the Synerglace Ligue Magnus game pitting the Dragons de Rouen against the Aigles de Nice, the Rouen Hockey Elite club officially declared its support for the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 bid for the title of European Capital of Culture.

To demonstrate the Dragons de Rouen team’s support, the Synerglace Ligue Magnus game honoured the theme of the European Capital of Culture bid on December 6, 2022. It was a chance for the more than 3,000 spectators to support Rouen Seine Normande 2028, as well.

The game kick-off was given by Michel Bussi, one of the bid’s well-known supporters. The Best Player prizes were presented by another supporter of Rouen Seine Normande 2028, Emilie Daudin, better known by her pseudonym EmilieBrunette, boasting more than 161,000 followers on Instagram.

“We’re very pleased to be supporting the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 bid for the title of European Capital of Culture,” explains Guy Fournier, manager of the Dragons de Rouen. “The ties between sports and culture should be emphasised and strengthened, and this is a way for the Rouen Hockey Elite to be more deeply involved in the life of Rouen.”

For Marie Dupuis, President of the Rouen Seine Normande 2028 association, and Christine de Cintré, its Vice President, “Our bid to named European Capital of Culture is open to all cultures, knowledge and skills. Sports hold an important place in our bid and we’re delighted that we can count on the support of the Dragons de Rouen, who have once again proven their commitment to the people of this city.”

In parallel with this game, a free photo exhibition was on display around the ice rink and inside the building, an exhibition dedicated to Flore-Aël Surun: This photographer is known for her poetic use of colour and contrast in promoting a humanistic culture of non-violence. Here, she presented photographs from research she has been conducting for more than a decade on shamans, agents for peace. The display was made possible by EOP, Espaces d’Oeuvres Photographies, and held as part of the ZigZag Festival supported by Le Forum – Maison de l’Architecture de Normandie, a cultural entity working to democratise architectural, urban and landscape culture. The exhibition was made possible by Flore-Aël Surun, photographer and member of the Tendance Floue group; Marie-Hélène Labat, La Loge des Auteurs Photographes; and Serge Périchon, exhibition curator.


The Rouen Hockey Elite 76 team, nicknamed the Dragons de Rouen, is a French ice hockey club playing in the Magnus league (France’s top level for this sport). Based in Rouen, Normandy, the team has been one of the most successful in the French championship, with sixteen titles since the club was established in 1970.