Seine Assembly #2

Our next Seine Assembly is being prepared for the month of October!

To be patient, let us borrow Relikto’s words to return to the first Assembly, on May 11.

Juliette, Marie, Valentin and Véronique participated in the first Seine Assembly. All four with a certain enthusiasm because they have the same attachment to their territory. Juliette “grew up in Normandy. I went to Paris for my studies. Then I came back to it. Normandy is a very beautiful region that shows a lot of things.” For Valentin, “Rouen is a city that I appreciate for its history, its heritage, its activities. It’s a city on the move.” […]

All four participated in the first Assembly of the Seine on Thursday, May 11 at the Maison de l’université in Mont-Saint-Aignan. An assembly that marks a new starting point in the candidacy of the city of Rouen for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2028. It is open to all residents of Giverny to Le Havre and Honfleur. About two hundred people are registered. Their role: to build collectively. “This is a special part of the design of the project. The Seine assembly allows a citizen involvement of the local population, “says Rebecca Armstrong, general delegate of Rouen Seine Normande 2028.

Its operation is to be invented. As for the objectives, they are plural. There is the possibility of imagining “popular events, festive moments”, to define criteria for evaluating the project and to become “guardians of the fly”. “The Seine is like a link on a territory,” observes Marie. I only like cities with water. It’s a huge asset.”

In this Seine Assembly, there are desires. Valentin wants to “be involved, give ideas, discuss”. Véronique shows a certain impatience to meet “scientists, actors who feed me”. Desires and also expectations. “You have to think big,” say Juliette and Véronique. “We must give to see and hear, bring artists, show the monuments in another way,” proposes the first. “This candidacy must allow a union between people, between generations, between territories, adds the second. It is important to tame all territories, whether rural or urban. There is a need to reconnect, to open culture to as many people as possible. And we are all bearers of culture.” Same feeling on the part of Mary: “culture makes you grow, opens doors that we do not even suspect”.

The Seine Assembly is at the heart of the Rouen Seine Normandy 2028 candidacy project. Open to all, it is a space that is built with its members. Not boxes to fill but energies to assemble to invent, to accompany the life of our European Capital of Culture, from 2023, towards 2028 and beyond. Each person can participate and will have the opportunity to meet, exchange, propose with our permanent desire to cross looks, perspectives because it is differences that creativity is born.

Want to be part of it ? Find all the information and registration here.

©Photos Jean-Pierre Sageot