Handballer Thibaud Briet sponsor of the candidacy

Thibaud Briet

Member of the handball French team of World Champion, Thibaud BRIET joins the sponsors of the candidacy Rouen Seine Normande 2028 as European Capital of Culture.

Thibaud Briet was born on 14 December 1999 in Rouen. Back-left, standing for French handball legend Nikola Karabatic, he has just taken part in raising the French team to the 2023 World Cup final, thanks to his 20 goals in just 6 games played. But, touched at the index finger of the right hand, he could not participate in the final. Less than three years ago, he played in Rouen in the RHB, in the fifth division. An atypical course for this 2m05 player for 95 kilos.

“When the request was made to me, I did not hesitate to confirm my choice to be one of the sporting sponsors of the candidacy of Rouen, to obtain the label of European Capital of Culture , explains Thibaud Briet. Indeed, without the structures and qualified people who made me grow up here, I would never have become the handball player I am today, professional and international. To be able to use my image to give back to this city and this metropolis what they gave me is a great pride for me. I want to see and support the dynamism of Rouen, which is developing and growing significantly.”