Gael Musquet sponsor for Rouen Seine Normande 2028!

A meteorologist and hacker, Gael Musquet is particularly involved in the anticipation, forecasting and prevention of natural catastrophes.

“After arriving from my native Guadeloupe in 2001, I discovered the Old Continent while settling down in Rouen as a student. I studied meteorology and the conception of captors there. While making captors in Le Havre, I found out how much the digital world was going to play an important role in the climate challenges that had marked my childhood.

A victim of Hurricane Hugo in Guadeloupe at the age of 9, I quickly became aware of the fragility of our world. Hurricanes, volcanoes and the earthquakes that shake up the Caribbean every year are all issues that call for the best technology. We need to prepare ourselves for climatic and geological challenges. My hacktivism was born 20 years ago in Rouen.

All those years spent wandering along the roads of France, across fragile islands, territories and refugee camps made me recognise the place of culture in the education and information of populations with major risks. These issues should not paralyse us, but instead inspire us. It is difficult to talk of these difficulties, but we have to, so as to accompany our children and allow them to take up these new challenges.

Now a father and founder of the Observatoire Astronomique of Vernon, I want to contribute to the outreach of those Normand towns that welcomed me and allowed for the development of my digital craftsmanship. For me, hacking is a way to highlight scientific and technical knowledge in the service of our general interest.

Distributing culture digitally, creating works using captors, protecting the night sky by observing the beauty of nebulae, inspiring developers to use their skills for the sustainable development of our Normand territories are all actions to be carried out in the months and years to come.

I support the candidacy of Rouen because I am convinced that we can and must instil risk culture thanks to the Arts and Culture. This candidacy is a formidable opportunity to fight sustainably against the anxiety of our climate concerns.”