Thomas Pesquet reaffirms his support and patronage for Rouen Seine Normande 2028!

In a video in support of the bid, Rouen-born astronaut Thomas Pesquet gets involved.

Explaining the reasons for his support, Thomas Pesquet returned to the choice of the bid area, covering the entire Seine Valley of Normandy. “It’s a river, the Seine, that’s the candidate”.

Thomas Pesquet also spoke of the values embodied in the bid: “the issues of climate, the environment and science are at the heart of the project”: reconciling mankind with his environment, passing on knowledge, particularly to future generations, developing a culture for the age of transitions, and so on.

“We face enormous ecological, scientific, technical and human challenges (…). That’s where we need culture. Scientific culture (…). I have one wish for 2028, and that is to finally break down the barriers between science, nature and culture. That’s what the Rouen and Seine Normandy bid is all about,” explains Thomas Pesquet.

Thomas Pesquet, Karin Viard, Rilès, Philippe Torreton, Wax Taylor, Emilie Daudin, Michel Bussi, Marie Léautey, MNNQNS, Benoît Laignel and many others… Our sponsors are mobilised!

With 6 days to go until the European jury makes its final decision, the region is more united than ever to win!