Congratulations to Skopje for their appointment as European Capital of Culture 2028

Among our river-city friends, we have tied particularly strong links with the city of Skopje in North Macedonia. It is therefore with a particular emotion that we congratulate them for their nomination as European Capital of Culture 2028 in quality of city in the process of joining the European Union.

In connection with our Wisdom Council, we have launched a network of young Europeans, including several from Skopje, in order to accompany our “Capital” trajectory with its reflections and thanks to the cultural project it will initiate.

Rouen Seine Normande 2028 is engaged in various projects with Skopje, which is just as much involved in our bid. We could, for instance, quote our project Roman fleuve which will unroll all over the course of the river Seine: Street-art works setting giant words in the landscape, sound stops acting as immersive experiences from various panoramas over the river Seine and its banks, multi-disciplinary courses to (re)discover our multiple links to the rivers, boats drawing words on the river, artistic installations created with the ones living the river on a daily basis…

On our side, we are involved in many important projects from their bid linked to the training of cultural actors, interculturality, carbon-free mobility… So many projects which anchor deeply in our key stakes: Polyphony, Equity, Living.